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Forestry Hand Pump Only - Scotty Bush/Backpack

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Forestry Hand Pump Only - Scotty Bush/Backpack

Water Hand Pump:

  • Single action pump with brass inner chamber and piston 

  • Outer pump sleeve made from super tough, engineering-grade polymer making it durable and lightweight 

  • Incorporates easy to pump Duckbill check valve system 

  • Adjustable nozzle produces super fine jet stream and a full cone fog spray 

  • Effective reach of stream 30ft (9m) Jet, 15ft (4.5m) Full Cone 

  • 19mm (0.75'') GHT quick hose connection 

  • Weighs: 22oz to help reduce user fatigue. 

  • Total length: 26'' (66cm) 

  Foam Hand Pump: 

  • All the components and features of the above water hand pump apply, with the addition of a foam eductor, foam reservoir and air-aspirating nozzle.

  • Eliminates the need to batch mix foam in the backpack 

  • Each time the pump draws in water, foam concentrate is educted at 1% into the pumper chamber 

  • The air-aspirating nozzle generates foam when the pump is discharged 

  • Foam reservoir will hold 17 fl oz (500ml) of Class-A or Class-B Foam which will mix with approximately 25 gallons (95L) of water.

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Forestry Hand Pump Only - Scotty Bush/Backpack