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Fidney Tool Belt - Fire Hooks

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Designed by a firefighter with the F.D.N.Y. for firefighter all over the world. The belt has been worn for over four years of heavy fire duty. Proven to meet the needs and desires of firefighters in both engine and truck companies.

Three quick release buckles and heavy 2" nylon straps make up the system. Front and rear buckles adjust to a maximum of 54 inches for the big guys. This adjustment system keeps the side drops at the hips.

The light selected for the belt is the Streamlight Vulcan. It matches the yellow and black of the belt and is tested to stand up to the rigors of the job. The drop attaches to the light by looping around the handle and quick connecting to the buckle of the drop. The other drop is connected to an aluminum removable carabiner which holds various tools—--axes, pro-bars (Halligans), personal tools and/or short hooks.

The drops (light or tool) may be interchanged by the quick connects on the right or left sides. Any hangups while operating can be dropped by the quick connects on each side. The whole unit can be dropped by the main front buckle. The light can be removed for mobile use by using the glove-friendly quick connects.


*NOT for rappelling*

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Fidney Tool Belt - Fire Hooks