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Dry Hydrant Strainer w/ Back Flush Cover

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This combination does not exist.

6" and 8" (2.5ft long) Strainers

  • Both include a clappered end cap.
  • Light-weight 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy on connectors, Schedule 40 Standard PVC for the piping.
  • All parts meet or exceed NFPA requirements.

8" (5ft long) Strainer

  • Strainer made of Schedule 40 PVC pipe to ASTM D1785.
  • Drilled with 1,840 3⁄8″ holes, each chamfered.
  • Strainer open area approx. 125 sq. in. (6″), 200 sq. in. (8″).
  • Both ends machined square.
  • Outboard end has PVC clappered end cap.
  • Includes 8″ x 6″ reducing adapter.
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Dry Hydrant Strainer w/ Back Flush Cover