Core Cooling Package

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As the air temperature rises, the body stays cool when sweat evaporates. On hot, humid days, the evaporation of sweat is slowed by increased moisture in the air and the protective clothing worn by responders. Without proper cooling, body temperature rises, and illness occurs. The core cooling package keeps firefighters and emergency responders safe by providing products that lower their core body temperature.

Package includes:

  • Misting Rehab Shower Convenient and portable, this shower incorporates specially designed misting nozzles that produce tiny, 10 micron water droplets that evaporate quickly in hot, dry air, resulting in a decrease in air temperature. Six mist nozzles in a 360° configuration. Dimensions: assembled 73"h x 27.5"w. Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair Qty 3 - Provides an effective means of lowering body temperature through hand and forearm immersion. Seat height: 16”. Chair weight: 11 lbs. Weight limit: 300 lbs. Vented carrying bag and two Replacement Reservoir Bags included.
  • Misting Rehab Fan Reduce air temperature by up to 35°F. This industrial quality fan sits on top of a ten gallon cooler (included), and cools a 180 square foot area for five hours on 10 gallons of water.
  • Core Cooling Kit Qty 10 - Targeted cooling for fast heat relief. This kit eliminates the need for sharing buckets and re-sanitizing towels between users. Open the bucket, fill with cool water, and begin cooling with Core Cooling Towels. Contains one disposable bucket and two 17" x 26" Core Cooling Towels.
  • Core Cooling Towels Simply rinse with cool water, wring out, and apply to skin around the head, neck, chest or forearms for quick core cooling. Box contains ten, 17"x 26" Core Cooling Towels. Made of PVA Chamois cooling material.
  • Change-Out T-Shirts Cotton-polyester t-shirts to change into during the rehab process to keep dry. Pack of 6 ea. size.
  • Storage Bin - 28" x 21" x 15" Handy storage for rehab supplies. High -density polyethylene with attached hinged cover that opens and closes easily for ready access. Hand grips for carrying. Non-slip bottom surface. 
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Core Cooling Package

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