WFR Announced as Western Canadian Supplier of Aircraft Fire Fighting Foam

June 8, 2021 by
WFR Announced as Western Canadian Supplier of Aircraft Fire Fighting Foam
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue Ltd.

WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue along with Tempest Technology & BIOEX are pleased to announce that we are the chosen supplier in Western Canada of aircraft fire fighting foam for Canadian Airports Procurement Association (CAPA) for the next 3 years.

Soil and ground water contamination near airports and military bases is a concerning issue. ECOPOL A non-fluorinated foam is a viable environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional film-forming foam concentrates. In 2002, BIOEX launched the first Fluorine Free Foam concentrate in the market  and with its strong experience in eco-friendly foams and aircraft fire safety, BIOEX provides 100% Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) dedicated to aircraft fire extinguishment.

Completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFOS, PFOA, 6:2 FTS…) which are recognized as persistent in the environment, bio-accumulable and toxic for living organism, ECOPOL A firefighting foam is also 100% biodegradable, and silicone-free. ECOPOL A meets airport fire safety policy on minimizing environmental impact.

Tested and approved by many international airports, ECOPOL A Newtonian Fluorine-Free Foams meet environmental concerns and fire extinguishing performances on hydrocarbon fires, approved by ICAO standard. The aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) using only C6 surfactants is efficient on aircraft fire extinguishment.

These Newtonian F3 foam concentrates are compatible with all ARFF foam equipment (ARFF fire vehicles, monitors, nozzles…), as they are easily proportioned by conventional firefighting foam equipment. BIOEX foams can be used in low, medium and high expansion depending on the fire scenario. They provide fire control, fast extinguishment combined with excellent burnback resistance. The foam forms a foam blanket above fuel and sticks on vertical surfaces as body and fuselage to create thermal insulation. 

We look forward to working with all the CAPA airports as they make the transition to fluorine free foams.

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