Fluorine Free Foam for ARFF Operations

Canadian Airports can begin transition to environmentally friendly Fluorine Free alternatives
July 11, 2019 by
Fluorine Free Foam for ARFF Operations
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue Ltd.

Effective June 21, 2019, Transport Canada has issued an exemption to paragraph 323.08(1)(a) of Standard 323 — Aircraft Fire Fighting through the Canadian Aviation Regulations. This paves the way for all Airports in Canada to begin the transition to the environmentally friendly Fluorine Free alternatives to the incumbent AFFF firefighting foams.

Wholesale Fire & Rescue is the exclusive distributor of BioEx foam concentrates in western Canada. BioEx is the leader in Fluorine Free foam technology worldwide, being the first, in 2002, to introduce Fluorine Free products.

BioEx ECOPOL A concentrate, certified to ICAO level B, is in use at multiple major airport facilities around the globe. With its Newtonian base, ECOPOL A allows Airport Fire Services to switch over to the eco-friendly product with no change to proportioning or delivery equipment.

Contact Wholesale Fire & Rescue today to receive more information and estimates to begin the transition, and eliminate the dangerous PFOAs which are left behind after deployment of traditional AFFF firefighting foams. Together, let’s protect the environment!!

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