Designed to Beat the Heat

A Case Study on Heat Testing
October 19, 2022 by
Designed to Beat the Heat
WFR Wholesale Fire & Rescue Ltd.

The above video is a case study – In April 2022, Groton Fire Department (MA) abandoned their first-in KrakenEXO® line prior to roof collapse and left it charged until the fire was out.

Being under Mercedes Textiles 2-year All Hazards warranty, they sent the line back to be replaced. Mercedes Textiles took the opportunity to test how their hose held up in the real world and share the results.


The updated NFPA conductive heat test and the new radiant heat test were developed to help firefighters better understand the thermal resistance characteristics of their hose and what type of performance they can expect once the hose is compromised. 

Here is some clarity on the new radiant heat test: 

  • The new standard requires a complex setup and process. We trust UL to ensure our hose is tested properly and the results are repeatable. 

  • First, the radiant heat test exposes the hose to extreme heat of 30 kw/m2 while pressurized to 150 PSI, measuring time until the hose loses 20 PSI (called "failure"). 

  • Next, the dynamic flow test measures the leakage while again pressurized to 150 PSI — estimating delivery performance after radiant heat exposure (type/severity of "failure"). 

  • The test is NOT Pass/Fail – results are provided to give departments an understanding of performance when exposed to heat. 

  • Manufacturers are required to provide their results upon request, as per NFPA 1961 standard.

  • Our KrakenEXO results can be found here. 

This Groton case study gave Mercedes Textiles some insight into how those lab results may hold up over extended exposure. They're proud to say our hose held up as expected. 

Heat testing results are just one factor to consider when designing & purchasing an attack package alongside things like: friction loss, packability, charged weight, ID/OD, etc. 

Mercedes Textiles KrakenEXO® line was designed to offer a premium hose that checks all the boxes – including beating the heat!