Wickman-100 2 Cycle Forestry Fire Pump

Wickman-100 2 Cycle Forestry Fire Pump

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    Wickman-100™ Fire Pump

    • A performance leader, lightweight, exceptionally stable and a preferred fire pump in forestry & municipal fire department applications
    • All position…will operate on any slope
    • Centrifugal clutch conserves water, facilitates easy starting & engine warm-up, and simplifies hose manipulation
    • Decompression switch for super-easy starting
    • Detachable (bolt-on) foam-compatible single-stage pump end
    • Integral fuel tank provides approximately 40 minutes run time
    • Remote fuel (RFT) model significantly extends operational time, critical for forestry services and home & cottage sprinkler protection
    • Lower carbon emissions than previous models
    Engine Specifications
    • Solo two stroke, 2.3hp engine
    • Electric start
    • Nikasil cylinder
    Pump Unit Specifications
    • One 1.5" (38mm) delivery outlet
    • One 1.5" (38mm) suction inlet
    • Manual piston pump (optional)
    • Dimensions: 13"l x 11"w x 10.5"h (33cm x 28cm x 27cm)
    • Weight: 16.8 lbs. (7.7 kg)

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    Specifications for Wickman-100 2 Cycle Forestry Fire Pump

    Product Type With remote fuel tank or With built in fuel tank