Wayout Hose Coupling Upgrade

Wayout Hose Coupling Upgrade

Wayout Hose Coupling Upgrade


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    Directional Arrows (patent pending) are engraved into and below the surface of the female coupling pointing in the direction of the water source with standard connectivity. Available in sizes 1 to 3 inch (25 to 76mm)

    • The visibility of the recessed arrows are enhanced by the addition of a highly reflective material

    • Arrows reflect under low lighting to assist in guiding the way out

    • Recessing the Arrow helps prevent damage to the reflective material from abrasion during use

    • The reflective Arrow greatly improves night time visibility of the hose line on the fire ground reducing accidental damage

    • Features the Identify® recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings in sizes 1.5 to 3 inch (38 to 77mm)

    • Two Year All Hazards Warranty and 10 years against manufacturing defects

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    Specifications for Wayout Hose Coupling Upgrade

    Hose Size 65mm (2.5") or 44mm (1.75")