TFT Wildland EF1 RC Monitor Nozzle

TFT Wildland EF1 RC Monitor Nozzle

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    Bubble Cup Dual Gallonage Monitor Nozzle:

    A unique combination nozzle capable of producing aspirated finished foam, conventional straight stream and a wide fog pattern. It’s available as a handheld nozzle or an electric remote monitor nozzle that’s perfect for TFT’s EF1 monitor.  

    An electric remote nozzle that’s available in a 20/60 gpm (75/225 l/min) or 20/95 gpm (75/360 l/min) version and includes an integrated shutoff built into the nozzle. The integrated retractable aspirating sleeve allows quick and easy foam aspiration. Control with a Bluetooth device or joystick.

    Ultimatic Automatic or Selectable Monitor Nozzle:
    The ULTIMATICTM is available as either a handheld or electric remote monitor nozzle. It features flush without shutting down, molded rubber bumper with "power fog" teeth, and easily pairs with a number of low and multi-expansion foam attachments. 

    Monitor Nozzle: A 1.5” (38mm) electric remote nozzle that’s available in automatic or selectable flow styles. Flows range from 10-125gpm (40-500 l/min) in several pressure ratings. For use with the EF1 and Tornado monitor series.

    Selectable gallonage nozzle is infinitely adjustable between 15 and 120 gpm @ 100 psi (50-450 l/min at 7 bar). Indexed flow settings are provided at 15 gpm and 50 l/min increments. Flow setting may be adjusted without shutting down or locked to a specific setting as desired. Includes flush without shutting down and molded rubber teeth for full-fill "power fog" pattern. Lightweight hard coat anodized aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear. Accepts both FJ-U FOAMJET low-expansion and FJ-UMX FOAMJET multi-expansion foam attachments. 1.5" NH (38mm) swivel coupling is standard. For use on TFT Tornado and EF1 RC monitor only.

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    Specifications for TFT Wildland EF1 RC Monitor Nozzle

    Product Options Bubble Cup Dual Gallonage 20&60gpm or Ultimatic Automatic 10-125psi or Ultimatic Selectable 15-120gpm