TFT Dual-Force 1.5" Automatic Nozzle (90-300 gpm)

TFT Dual-Force 1.5" Automatic Nozzle (90-300 gpm)


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    TFT Dual-Force Series

    A TFT Dual-Force is all conventional handline sizes in one. The wide flow range of 95-300 gpm (360-1,150 l/min) allows the Dual-Force to be used many hose sizes, and this series is an excellent choice for 1.5", 1.75 or 2" (38mm, 45mm, or 52mm) attack lines. In the standard mode, the Dual-Force Nozzle maintains a 100 psi (7 bar) operating nozzle pressure and meets the NFPA 1964 flow requirements for automatic nozzles. With a twist of the knob on the front of the nozzle, you can switch the Dual-Force to the low-pressure mode which immediately reduces the nozzle's operating pressure to around 55 psi (4 bar).

    • Flush without shutting down
    • "Gasket Grabber" inlet screen
    • Molded rubber bumper with "power fog" teeth
    • Stainless steel slide valve for turbulence free flow control
    • Six detent flow positions with slide valve
    • Optional coloured pistol grip and handle covers
    • Accepts FJ-H low-expansion or FJ-HMX multi-expansion foam attachments
    • Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum materials for maximum corrosion and wear resistance
    • Pistol grip is mounted below the valve
    • Tip only configuration weighs 4.4lbs. (2kg) and is 9.75" (24cm) long
    • Tip with twist off configuration weighs 5.3lbs. (2.4kg) and is 11" (28cm) long
    • Ball valve shut-off configuration weighs 6.6lbs. (3kg) and is 13" (38cm) long
    • Ball valve shut-off & pistol grip configuration weighs 7lbs. (3.2kg) and is 13" (38cm) long
    • Playpipe configuration weighs 10.2lbs. (4.6kg) and is 15" (38cm) long
    • Low pressure versions are available. It operates at approximately 75psi (5 bar)/45 psi (3 bar) and has a flow capacity of 95-250 gpm (360-950 l/min) @ 75 psi.

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for TFT Dual-Force 1.5" Automatic Nozzle (90-300 gpm)

    Nozzle Style Tip Only or 1 Piece Nozzle with Pistol Grip or 1 Piece Nozzle (No Pistol Grip)
    Hose Thread NPSH or NHT