"Sunflower" Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp

"Sunflower" Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp

"Sunflower" Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp


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    "Sunflower" Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp

    Mounted on top of a cone, the "SunFlower" is one of the most visible cone-top lamps on the market, adding 9 inches of height to the point of light output. Now add the easy to use sequential technology and the "SunFlower" offers enhanced safety for personnel on the road.

    Bringing the same patented technology used in the 4xD-cell alkaline barricade lamp to a much lighter weight AA-alkaline battery sequential, the SunFlower is designed for short-duration deployments atop any standard traffic cone. A light-weight alternative to an I.T.E. and MUTCD compliant sequential warning lamp. Perfect for temporary lane closures, checkpoints, sporting events, city events, etc. !

    • Radio communication: 2.4GHz (ISM band)
    • Powered by 4 AA-alkaline batteries
    • Battery life ~1 month continuous flash
    • Weighs 650 grams (1.5 pounds)
    • Visible at 920 meters (3,000 feet) on clear night.
    • Range between lamps: 300 meters (1,000 feet)
    • Remote Control option, 300 meter (1,000 feet) range
    • Five flash-march patterns to choose from
    • Battery Status Indicator
    • Choice of front, back, or both sides flashing
    • Available in amber or clear lens (for alternative colors)
    • Lockable "keyboard"
    • Easy to insert replacement lamp; or continue adding lamps to the end of the string
    • Steady-burn (Type-C lamp) with or without sequential flashing
    • Option between flashing 24hrs or 12hr (night time only using sun sensor)
    • Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries
    • Battery life: ~1 month of continuous flashing (battery status check with push of a button)
    • 2.4 GHz Radio Communications – FCC Compliant
    • 300 foot range (100 meter) between lamps
    • Complies with I.T.E and MUTCD Regulations
    • 4 sequential flash patterns, 1 simultaneous flash pattern
    • Steady-Burn feature – with or without sequential flash
    • 24 hour mode or night time only mode. Photocell detects sunlight and will put the lamp to sleep until ambient light decreases
    • Remote control compatible


    Single Lamp March

    The default pattern: One lamp flashing as it marches down the string. Simple, efficient (battery life 30 hours), effectively guides drivers around an incident.

    Two Lamp March

    From a distance two lamps flashing provide more visibility and guidance. Slightly greater burden on the battery as each lamp is lit twice per cycle. ~3 weeks of continuous flashing. But it sure looks good!

    "Wave" Lamp March

    Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) we can offer a “tail-off” that provides a more calming effect. Looks smooth and greatly enhances guidance. Uses a bit more energy; ~3 (or more) hours of continuous flash time.

    Fast March

    Want to get the drivers attention? The Pi-Lit “Fast” pattern emulates the airport runway “rabbit” demanding the drivers eye. They can’t miss it, and this pattern quite effectively slows traffic. You will hear drivers exclaim, “What is that?” as they slow down. Uses the least energy; 1 month of continuous flashing.

    Simultaneous Flash

    More of a tool to designate a barrier or delineator marking the edge of a road way, the simultaneous flash mode can be seen from great distances and paints an edge to the intended path. Battery consumption similar to pattern 3, the “Wave.” Expect ~3 weeks.

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