Identify Code Hose Couplings Options

Identify Code Hose Couplings Options

Identify Code Hose Couplings Options


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    Designed to receive and protect identification markings and decals from abrasion damage.

    • Recessed identification zone on hose couplings for multipurpose applications
    • Protects barcode labels, color labels, identification markings and reflective decals from abrasion damage
    • Bar coding and stamped markings facilitate the ability to track and inventory hose, track hose testing and/or repair, as well as warranty validation
    • Facilitates color coding of a hose line for identification purposes and therefore eliminates the need to color code the complete length of hose
    • Allows hose line color coding to be changed as required
    • Reflective decals facilitate increased night visibility
    • VERSATILITY X3 .. Bar code, stamping and/or color coding. Multiple combinations. Have it your way


    • Barcode labeling of products
    • Hose line color code identification
    • Recessed identification markings of products
    • Reflective labeling of products

    Request the Identify Coding System Couplings when you order your hose.

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    Specifications for Identify Code Hose Couplings Options

    Product Type Clear label cover or Epoxy cover
    Product Options Bar Code or Empty or Stamp or Text Label or Color Label (Specify)