Hose Bridge

Hose Bridge

Hose Bridge

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    Static load tests performed on these hose bridges were performed in Levelton Associates' Baldwin Universal testing machine which is verified annually to the requirements of ASTM E4. Loading was applied to the top flat of the bridges through stiff steel plates extending the full bridge width and 5" on either side of the centre line joint. Deflections were measured on each side of the bridge 5" from the centre line joint. One each of the 3", 4" and 5" bridges were tested. Each sustained a load of 120,000 lbs. (60 tons) for up to 5 minutes. There were no failures and no substantial deformation of any bridge.


    • Heavy duty aluminum alloy

    • Rubber extension assures wheel traction

    • Folds for easy storage

    • Easy grip handle

    Length (Folded)
    5" (125mm)
    28" (71.1cm)
    18" (46cm)
    70lbs. (32kg)
    4" (100mm)
    28" (71.1cm)
    18" (46cm)
    66lbs. (30kg)
    3" (77mm)
    21" (53.3cm)
    16" (40.6cm)
    60lbs. (27kg)

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    Specifications for Hose Bridge

    Product Size 3" (77mm) or 4" (100mm) or 5" (125mm)