Frontier Combination (4ft-14ft) Pike Pole

Frontier Combination (4ft-14ft) Pike Pole


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    The Combination Pike Pole gives you the ability to configure the length, handle type and head type that best fits your needs. The multi-section format also offers:

    • Flexibility

    • Easier to store 

    • Cheaper to ship

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    Specifications for Frontier Combination (4ft-14ft) Pike Pole

    Product Style Pike Head or Drywall Head or All purpose Head
    Product Options D-Handle or Straight Handle
    Product Size 4ft (Head with handle) or 6ft (Head,2ft extension & handle) or 8ft (Head,4ft extension & handle) or 10ft (Head,4ft & 2ft extension & handle) or 12ft (Head,2x4ft extension & handle) or 14ft (Head,2x3ft & 4ft extension & handle)