Eco-Gel Rapid Response Systems

Eco-Gel Rapid Response Systems

    The Eco-Gel™ Rapid Response Systems represent all-in-one firefighting solutions that are deployable across a variety of terrains and industrial installations. Each system includes FireRein’s TPP (Through Pump Proportioner) – a robust, mechanical proportioning system optimized for EcoGel™.

    The Rapid Response Platform System includes:

    • a skid unit frame with 1000 Litre Water tank

    • a Waterax 9hp Versax pump

    • 2 lengths of 38mm firefighting hose and TFT Metrol 38mm nozzle

    • a drum mixer with a programmable timer

    • FireRein TPP™ drafting system

    The Rapid Response Core System includes:

    • a 500-gallon Handy Hydrant System

    • a Waterax 9hp Versax Cart

    • 200 feet of 1.5-inch forestry hose

    • a FireRein TPP™ system

    • an Eco-Gel™ Cart

    • Hose Pack  

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