Ben 2 LR Low Rider Helmet

Ben 2 LR Low Rider Helmet

Ben 2 LR Low Rider Helmet


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    Ben 2 LR Low Rider Models

    Deliver a lower center of gravity, and a 6-position suspension provides a full inch and a half of adjustment for a quick and easy custom fit. Base model includes FYR-Glass shell, 2-piece padded brow comfort cap and ratchet, 6-point suspension with 6 depth adjustments, aramid liner cap, postman slide chinstrap, 4" x .150" new generation faceshield, 8 lime Reflexite® trapezoids, golden-plated eagle front holder and hang-up loop.


    • Durable Eagle Front Holder moves forward and backward to fit any brand/style of front

    • High Heat Performance Shells -proprietary technology standard.

    • FYR-Glass Shells - Strongest shell on the market – proprietary technology.

    • Bulldog™ Edge Beading - Rugged and durable.

    • Large Hang-up Loop is large enough to easily fit over a peg.

    • Securely Attached Ear Covers - Tough and durable Nomex® ear covers are easily removed for cleaning.

    • Reversible 2-point Quick-attach Chinstraps - Tough and durable Nomex® chinstraps are quickly and easily changed or switched to right- or left-hand cinch.

    • Comfortable and Easy to Replace Suspension cradles your head in comfort.

    • Protected Suspension Straps - Internally located and not affected by external heat or flame.

    • Goggle Garage protects goggles from debris and radiant heat (optional).

    • Built-in Easy Attach Goggle System offers easy attachment for full or 2-strap eyelet goggle).

    • Certified EZ-Flips™ to NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition and ANSI Z87.1+ standards (optional)

    • Anti-catch Safety Bracket for Leather Fronts is exclusive on Honeywell traditional helmets

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Ben 2 LR Low Rider Helmet

    Manufacturer Honeywell
    Product Weight approx. 2.77lbs.
    Product Style Traditional Helmet
    Colour Yellow or White or Orange or Green or Blue or Red or Black
    Chin strap option with ear/neck cover w/ throatstrap
    Eye Protection 4" Face Shield or Goggle or EZ-Flips