Avon Carbon SCBA Cylinder

Avon Carbon SCBA Cylinder

Avon Carbon SCBA Cylinder


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    Avon Carbon Cylinders

    Created with safety and convenience in mind, Avon's Carbon Cylinders are composed of a variety of materials. These cylinders are lightweight, compact and enable the user to adapt Avon Protection products to a variety of applications and durations. All cylinder valves have an ergonomically designed handwheel for easy opening and closing with gloved hands.

    Avon Protection cylinders are currently available in 2216 psi and 4500 psi models for durations of 5 to 60 minutes. All cylinders are approved by the Canadian Departments of Transportation (D.O.T) or are CE approved. The Deltair SCBA also offers an option of cylinder caps for added protection.

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    Specifications for Avon Carbon SCBA Cylinder

    Pressure Rating 4500 psi or 2216 psi
    Product Type 30 minute bottle or 45 minute bottle