AquaPower 65mm (2.5") Fire Hose

AquaPower 65mm (2.5") Fire Hose

AquaPower 65mm (2.5") Fire Hose


    A premium heavy duty, kink resistant, double jacket fire hose with extra strength and durability while still flexible and light weight.

    • Extremely kink resistant, even at low pressure because of the rubber inner
    • Standard Strobe Yellow Permatek™ HP treatment, for greater visibility and abrasion resistance. This treatment also greatly reduces moisture absorption through the jacket.
    • Uses through the weave extrusion lining process, which completely encapsulates the jacket textile
    • Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and UV exposure, hydrolysis, rot and mildew
    • Will remain flexible to -37°C (-35°F)
    • Available with Mertex Wayout® Coupling

    Hose Size(Diameter)ServicePressureProofPressureBurstPressureCoil Dia./50'Wt/50' Uncpld.
    1.5" (38mm)400 psi800 psi1,200 psi18" (46cm)16.5 lbs. (7.5 kg)
    1.75" (44mm)400 psi800 psi1,500 psi18" (46cm)19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
    2.5" (64mm)400 psi800 psi1,200 psi18.5" (47cm)28 lbs. (12.7 kg)

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    Specifications for AquaPower 65mm (2.5") Fire Hose

    Hose Length 50ft or 100ft
    Hose Thread BAT or WCT or NHT or Storz (Aluminum locking Anodized) or NPSH
    Hose Stencil None or Custom Stencilled
    Standard Coupling Aluminum Threaded or Aluminum Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling or Gold Anodized Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling
    Hose Color Yellow or Request Color (Clear, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Beige, Purple)
    Manufacturer Mercedes Textile
    Product Benefits AquaPower Fire Hose is designed for kink resistance with a rubber interior hose for use on low pressure when using CAFS or low pressure nozzles