Drawer Dividers for Truck Storage System

Drawer Dividers for Truck Storage System

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Part# 710004460

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    This divider combo comes in sets of 2 & 4 and comes in two widths.

    • Midsize Narrow Drawer Dividers: 8" tall x 12" wide  

    • Wide Drawer Dividers: 8" x 18 5/8" wide (fits full-size system drawers)


    Made from polypropylene.  

    They are light gray in color to make finding your stuff easier.  

    The dividers can be taken out or re-positioned with ease.

    The dividers are 8" tall and fit, into four mounting positions within the drawers, allowing you to customize the drawers for your gear. Each divider has cut-outs that allow you to secure your gear with handy tie-down points.  

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    Specifications for Drawer Dividers for Truck Storage System

    Product Options Full-size System - set of 4 or Full-size System - set of 2 or Midsize System - Set of 2 Narrow or Midsize system - set of 2 Narrow & 2 Wide