Ajax 8250H High Pressure Regulator

Ajax 8250H High Pressure Regulator

Part# 710003761

    The new Ajax 8250H High Pressure Regulator now fits both 4500 PSI & 5500 PSI air cylinders.


    • User Friendly Architecture - The side mounted knob makes it easier to adjust, with a more natural and safer hand/body position for adjusting delivery pressure.

    • Advanced Design - Smaller and lighter than our previous models.

    • Durable Construction - Most regulators have multiple impact points. The Ajax 8250H regulator is designed with a single impact point configured to help protect elements critical to system integrity. 

    • Compact Layout - Gauges are built in and recessed into the body for protection.

    • Outstanding Flow Performance - They provide better flow control across a full range of cylinder pressures, with exceptional sensitivity in delivery pressure control. 

    • SLAM Technology - Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism built into the adjusting knob helps protect vitals and reduces the chance of injury in the event of a cylinder accident.


    • Fits 4500 PSI & 5500 PSI air cylinders 

    • Dimensions: 7.5'' L x 4'' W x 4.5'' H (19.1cm L x 10.2cm W x 11.4cm H)

    • Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

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