ECOPOL A Class B Foam - BIOex

ECOPOL A Class B Foam - BIOex

Part# 710003504

    A Newtonian fluorine free foam concentrate effective on hydrocarbon fires - 5gal pail

    Especially for Airport risks, environment-friendly, ECOPOL A is the real alternative to traditional film-forming foam concentrates. ECOPOL A is totally fluorine-free. It is not subject to regulatory constraints in force on fluorinated compounds. The performance of ECOPOL A on fires allows direct projection into the hydrocarbon with higher extinguishing results of most AFFF. This synthetic FFF (Fluorine Free) foam concentrate, of new generation, is based on the combination of surfactants resistant to contamination.


    • ECOPOL A is harmless for environment and completely biodegradable

    • Can be used at 3% on hydrocarbon fires (6% version available)

    • Can be used with fresh, sea or brackish water on hydrocarbon fires

    • Aviation Certification: ICAO level B

    • 10 year warranty


    • Effective at Low,  and Medium Expansion.

    • Efficient on hydrocarbon fires such as diesel, kerosene JET A, JET A1, petroleum distillate…

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