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Car Fire Blanket

6m x 8m -comes w/ Red Back Pack Storage Bag

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    The best solution to stop car fires and prevent fire to spread to cars next to it.

    • It controls any type of car fire within a few seconds
    • A secure solution that handles fire in electric, hybrid cars as well as combustion engines
    • Suitable for all vehicles, including SUVs
    • Delivered in a smart bag or cabinet for mounting on the wall
    • Reusable – up to 30 car fires
    • 19' 8.25" x 26' 3" (6m x 8m)
    • Weighs 61.7lbs. (28kg)


    • Nothing goes through the blanket – no fire, reduces toxic waste gases to minimum
    • Simple, Fast, efficient and safe solution for controlling the outbreak of fire in vehicles
    • The aim of the car fire blanket blankets is to significantly reduce the smoke damage to buildings and other vehicles, to prevent the spread of the fire (e.g. encroachment on surrounding vehicles) and to suffocate the fire as quickly as possible.

    How to Use


    Usable in various situations
    Follow step 1-3. After the fire blanket has been placed tight to the ground, wait 2-3 minutes and listen. If you can hear strong fuzz sounds about every 3-15 seconds, you have a thermal runaway. Leave the fire blanket on until the sound stops. This is a small fire that goes from cell to cell. The fire blanket will prevent the small fire from spreading elsewhere in the car.

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    Car Fire Blanket