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Demo Leader BATfan 2 Battery Powered PPV Fan
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A portable, battery-operated fan that is powerful and lightweight. Totally self-contained operation—there is no need for a generator or power socket.

Compact, Mobile & Low Noise Level
  • Folds up and stows easily in the locker of a vehicle: 2 BatFans occupy the space of one conventional fan!
  • Portable by one person alone with carrying handle and strap
  • BatFan brings far less noise than gas driven fans during operation.
Quicker to Set Up Than Conventional Fans
  • No time wasted searching for a power socket: starts off instantly
  • No cable: avoids any accident
Powerful Shaped Air Jet (NEO Technology) with Optimal Combination of:
  • Blades specifically designed for the motor power
  • Patented system shaping an oval cone of air for increased performance
  • Reinforced double-layer Monobloc shroud
  • High-tech composite grill
NiMH Battery
  • NiMH batteries are not classified as dangerous goods in comparison to Li-ion or LiFePO4
  • NiMH manufacturing is far less detrimental to the environment than Lithium
  • Adjustable tilt from +65° to -90° with locking system (allows flat positioning to cover a manhole)
  • Integrated variable-speed drive
  • 10 LEDs to illuminate the walkway in front the blower
  • Built in charger: charge during operation
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Secure (flat) keypad to control all functions (no fragile button to turn for setting speed…)
  • Low maintenance: 1 full charge every 6 weeks
  • Powered by NiMH battery: no restriction for transportation, totally safe
  • Designed to be connected with ducts, foam adapter and “rehab” misting device
  • Will run on main electricity if necessary (battery will charge at same time)
Multiple Applications—Can Be Used:
  • Indoors or outdoors: protected against splashing water (IP66)
  • On its own at a building entrance for PPV
  • For PPV combined tactics with other fans:
    • As a relay in a corridor or stairwell
    • For attack in front of an apartment door for offensive ventilation
  • For extraction or blowing through ducts (optional)
  • As a foam generator with foam adapter (optional)
  • For rehab of the crew after intervention
Pair Two BatFans For Even More Flexibility
  • Taking up same space as one standard fan, two BatFans give greater operational flexibility:
    • At the building entrance for PPV tactic for more air flow
    • For combined PPV tactic: one at the entrance, the other for relay or attack on a higher floor


  • Open Air Flow: 16,510 cfm* air volume (28,050m3/h)*

  • PPV air flow according to AMCA 240 Std: 10,300 cfm* (17,500 m³/h) *

  • Noise Level: 76.8 dB at 10ft

  • Propeller Diameter: 16.5" (42cm)

  • Engine: 600 W - variable speed drive – IP66

  • Power: 110-220V (8 amps operation in 110V, 4 amps operation in 220V)

  • +65° to -90° adjustable tilt

  • Run Time:

    • BatFan 20: 20 min at full speed / 1h30 min at 60%
    • BatFan 45: 45 min at full speed / 3h30 min at 60%
  • Charging Time:
    • BatFan 20: 100% in 4h
    • BatFan 45: 100% in 7h 20min
  • 21.25"h x 20"w x 10.6"d (54cm x 53cm x 27cm)
  • Weight:
    • BatFan 20: 50.7lbs. (23.5kg)
    • BatFan 45: 57.3lbs. (26.5kg)

  • 30-180 min. Li-ION battery with 2,000 recharge cycles
  • Meets EN 50178 for user safety (leakage current less than 3.5 mA)

  • Warranty: 2 year on BatFan, 1 year on battery

    * When used on battery, airflow of Batfan 20 (only) is reduced by 8% (15,130 CFM / 25,700 m³/h open air / 9,420 CFM / 16,000 m³/h AMCA)

Specifications for Leader BATfan 2 Battery Powered PPV Fan

Product TypeBATfan 20 : 20 minutes runtime / total weight of 54.4 lbs or BATfan 45 : 45 minutes runtime / total weight of 61.7 lbs
Product Image
Demo Leader BATfan 2 Battery Powered PPV Fan