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WFR Decon Package

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    Health and Safety

    This Decon Package has everything you need for a comprehensive field decontamination of firefighting personnel and equipment after the incident to prevent exposure to contaminants and residue, helping mitigate firefighter cancer risk.

    Package Includes:

    TFT DECON/pak

    • A self-contained agent proportioning and rinse application system
    • Flow is controlled by a twist grip valve that also functions as a carrying handle
    • Cleaning agents are added through the large, easy-open fill port that includes a debris screen
    • Large selector for agent proportioning from 0.1 to 0.5% for cleaning agent or set to rinse with water only
    • Stores easily in tight compartment spaces

    CitroSqueeze Turnout Gear Cleaner/Detergent - 5gal (20L) Pail

    Citrosqueeze will clean diesel contaminated clothing. In order to get the diesel off, the gear should be soaked for up to 1 hour. It should be soaked in a container, such as a plastic garbage container or 55 gallon plastic drum. The dilution rate should be 1 part Citrosqueeze and 8 or 10 parts water. One gallon of Citrosqueeze to 8 or 10 gallons of water. Once the gear has been cleaned, wring the gear over the container, put the gear in the washer extractor, do not put additional Citrosqueeze into the washer as there is enough left on the gear.

    Decon Brush

    • Long-handled brush enables responders to thoroughly decontaminate protective gear prior to doffing
    • Natural bristles resist high heat and acids
    • 20″ long (51cm) handle

    Hero Wipes

    • Specifically formulated for First Responders
    • Rescue Wipes should be used to help remove soot and contamination from vulnerable skin areas when exposed to fire
    • Immediate removal of toxic contaminants from all affected areas of the skin can decrease amount of carcinogens that enter the body
    • Rescue Wipes can also be used to remove potentially carcinogenic debris from protective equipment
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    WFR Decon Package