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[email protected] WFR is a wholesale distributor for the Canadian emergency services and does not sell to the public

Tactical Reach Pole only *Sale*


Super light weight from Ice Rescue Systems)

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    Tactical Reach Pole's are essential in any rescue department. These Tactical Reach Pole Kits are designed, developed and tested by professional rescue technicians providing you with most effective, yet rugged rescue pole reach system on the market today.

    Kit 1


    • Carbon fiber - light weight
    • Buoyant
    • Attaches to the Pro-Recon Sling
    • Stainless steel components
    • Can be used with the Dog Rescue Device
    • Ice stability test tool
    • Hand to wrist loop
    • Padded wrist loop
    • Self rescue device
    • Reflective sticker


    • (1) TAC+1 Reach Pole - 84" long (telescoping section is sold separately)
    • (2) Reach pole adapters
    • (1) Ice Awl adapter
    • (1) Sling adapter
    • (1) Pro-Recon rescue sling
    • (1) 75ft throw bag

    Retriever 120 Kit


    • Independent extraction from rescuer
    • Separate line attachment
    • Buoyant line
    • Pre-assembled "snare loop"
    • Adapts to the TAC+1 RP system
    • Assists in dog extrication


    • Protects rescuer
    • Independent from dog
    • Increased rescuer safety
    • Color coded for ease of operation
    • Reflective sticker
    • Everything is buoyant!


    • (1) TAC+1 Reach Pole - 84" long
    • (1) 120ft of blue/yellow rope line
    • (6) blue dog bands
    Product Image
    Tactical Reach Pole only *Sale*