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Bullard Camera Upgrade


Functioning Bullard Cameras Purchased after January 1, 2011 may be eligible

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If your department has older Bullard thermal imagers, you may be eligible to upgrade your TICs for new Bullard technology.

When you upgrade your Bullard Thermal Imager, your department will receive the best imager for firefighting backed by a robust warranty.

Plus, the process is easy and hassle-free, allowing you to keep your current imager until your new one arrives.

Functioning* Bullard Thermal Imagers

Purchased after January 1, 2011 may be eligible for an upgrade, receiving:

  • A new Bullard Thermal Imager (choose from select models: LDX, NXT, QXT, T4X, T3X)
  • Crisp 320x240 resolution
  • Transferable features**
  • 5-year warranty

*Contact your Bullard Distributor for Terms & Conditions regarding Functional Requirements.
**Transferable features include Electronic Thermal Throttle and Zoom only; DVR does not transfer.

Features of the latest Bullard technology

The X Factor Series Thermal Imagers incorporate the latest advancement in infrared technology. Infused with Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE) technology, X Factor TIs provide the best image quality in the harshest, hottest environments so you can see details even before possible on firefighter thermal imagers. ICE Technology sharpens the distinction between objects and regions and optimizes the image for greater clarity.

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Bullard Camera Upgrade