Vector Light Bar
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Federal Signal Vector® Light Bar

  • Revolutionary V-shaped construction maximizes warning efficiency
  • Seven ultra-modular lighting pods
  • Custom design flexibility
  • 44", 48", and 60" lengths available
  • Variety of options available, including built-on SignalMaster™, flashing lights, and traffic clearing lights
  • Allows for a total LED light bar or a combination of both LED and halogen

Federal Signal's ultra modular light system with its patented V-shaped design provides superior warning efficiency at crucial 45° and 90° angles. The Vector® light system outperforms conventional linear light bars, and offers you a wider variety of options. Modular construction, combined with the V-shaped design, allow you to effectively direct warning power where you need it most — to the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle. The Vector system provides added protection at intersections where most emergency vehicle accidents occur.

The Vector light system may be installed in any vehicle with a 12 volt negative ground electrical system. The light system comes equipped with hook-on or permanent mounting feet. Specify your mounting needs when ordering.

Specify dome and insert colours (red, blue, amber, or green) when ordering the warning system in solid colours or clear with optional front/rear inserts. Coloured front inserts with alley cut-out (used with clear dome) are available for use with the alley light option.

Part #402042130  Vector 44" includes (2) 95 and (2) 175 fpm rotators, (1) California/alley/rear flasher, (1) oscillating, (1) takedown/alley/rear flasher, with SignalMaster Directional Light

Part #402042140  Vector 48" includes (4) 95 and (3) 175 fpm rotators, with SignalMaster Directional Light

Part #402042145  Vector 48" includes (4) 95 and (3) 175 fpm rotators