Epic 3 Voice Amplifier
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EPIC 3 Voice Amplifier Communication System

Scott Safety's EPIC 3 (Enhanced Performance Integrated Communications) Voice Amplifier provides robust person-to-person communications when using all Scott Air-Pak SCBA, air-supplied and air-purifying respirators with AV-3000 or AV-2000 facepieces. The EPIC 3 Voice Amplifier generates strong, clear voice transmission over a custom speaker.

Contained in a sleek, streamlined package, the voice amplifier projects the voice in the direction the user is facing. An automatic shut-off deactivates the system once it has been idle for 20 minutes to preserve battery life when user forgets to turn off the device. Both a visible and audible low battery alert warns the user when approximately 10% of battery life remains.

  • Angled speaker projects the voice in the direction the user is facing
  • Automatic shut-off deactivates the system 20 minutes after the last use to preserve battery life
  • Intrinsically safe for use with commercially available alkaline and NiMH AAA batteries
  • Easy to recognize low battery alert warns the user when only 10% of battery life remains
  • Durable, rugged design is robust enough to withstand day-to-day rigors, even in the most extreme applications
  • Ribbed, textured surface establishes more secure handling even with wet-gloved hands
  • On/Off button with tactile surface makes it easy to recognize activation with a gloved hand or in a noisy environment
  • Upgradeable to include radio interface and talk-around multi-channel functionality
  • NFPA- and NIOSH-approved (NFPA approvals 2002/2007, 2013 coming soon)
  • Optional Bluetooth Radio Interface Voice Amp (RI) allows a user to talk directly over the radio wirelessly through the mask-mounted voice amplifier